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Workshop 'Perspectives on the Morphome'

University of Coimbra, October 29-30 2010

Since Aronoff (1994), the term ‘morphome’ has been widely used to denote a unit of linguistic representation known only to the morphology. Candidates for morphomic status include inflectional class features, as well as derivational and inflectional bases ('stems') which do not submit to a consistent semantic or syntactic characterization.

This workshop aims to bring together scholars who share an interest in the concept of the morphome, but who may hold widely divergent views as to whether morphomes exist, what they may be, and how to account for morphological patterns claimed to require the postulation of morphomes. Different theoretical and empirical views on the morphome are therefore most welcome.

"Perspectives on the morphome" will take place soon after the workshop “Autonomous Morphology in Diachrony: The Romance Languages (and Beyond)" (University of Oxford, 8-10 October 2010), which will address “the notion of autonomously morphological structures in the Romance inflectional system and their diachronic significance".

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