IMFIRE -RC|19-2023 | BSc/ Msc in Engineering » Mechanical engineering

The deadline for application: September 22, 2023

07 setembro, 2023≈ 9 mins de leitura


International selection procedure for the recruitment of one Researcher -
Ref. N.º IMFIRE -RC|19-2023

ADAI - Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinâmica Industrial (Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics) decided to open opens a tender for the award of one (1) fixed term employment contract in the framework of the Scientific Research and Technological Development Project (IC&DT) IMFire - “Intelligent Management of Wildfires”, with reference PCIF/SSI/0151/2018, funded by national funds through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

  1. The selected candidate will perform tasks in the field of fire engineering research. The tasks will include

1) Support in the preparation of project reports and deliverables;

2) Support in the field testing and experimental validation of results and models obtained;

3) Production of scientific reports and articles based on the work developed;

4) Participation in the dissemination tasks and appreciation of the results obtained.

  1. Type and contract duration

Short term temporary employment contract is expected to end in November 30, 2023. The hiring shall be performed under the Labor Code and other legislation applicable to individual labor contracts.

  1. the selection Jury of the competition is composed as follows:
    • President – Professor Dr. Domingos Xavier Filomeno Carlos Viegas.
    • 1st member – Professor Dr. Carlos Xavier Pais Viegas.
    • 2nd member – Prof. Dr Miguel Almeida

  1. Work will be developed under the scientific supervision of Dr. Carlos Viegas and within the activities of the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics of the Associated Laboratory in Energy, Transport and Aeronautics (ADAI-LAETA). The workplaces are Laboratório de Aerodinâmica Industrial or other places that are necessary for the execution of the work plan.

  1. The monthly remuneration to be attributed corresponds to level 9 of the unique remuneration table, approved by Administrative Rule nº. 1553-C/2008, of December 31, with a gross value of 964,92 Euros. Benefits include a daily lunch subsidy of 6,00 Euros.

  1. The selection process is open to national, foreign and stateless candidates who hold a degree in Mechanical engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or similar.

Candidates should preferably hold a Bachelor degree, enrolled, or who undertake to apply shortly after awarding the scholarship, in a Master Degree Program in the areas of Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or similar areas may apply. Other courses which do not grant any degree may also be considered. Candidates should preferably have a good knowledge of field experimentation and fire research. Knowledge of fire dynamics and behavior and good knowledge of spoken and written English are also valued.

Candidates with graduations obtained abroad shall make proof that their degree was recognized by a Portuguese Higher Education Institution according to the applicable legislation. This document is mandatory for the application

  1. Admissible applications will be scored on a scale of 1 to 100 on each of the following evaluation criteria:

** Academic qualifications (50%)

** degree of satisfaction of knowledge and experience requirements (50%)

If the Jury deems it necessary, an interview may be held with the candidates placed in the first three positions according to the ordering resulting from the previous criteria. In this case, the final score will include the curriculum assessment (as described above), valued at 70%, and the interview, valued at 30%. If none of the candidates has the appropriate profile (overall assessment below 50%), the scholarship will not be awarded.

  1. Minutes of the Jury meeting including a report of the evaluation are available to the candidates whenever requested.

  1. After completing the application of the selection process, the Jury proceeds to draw up the ordered list of approved candidates with the respective classification.

  1. If the selected candidate is not willing to occupy the position, the Jury can decide to invite the next eligible candidate in the ordered list.

  1. The final deliberation of the Jury is approved by the Board of Directors of ADAI, which is also responsible for deciding on hiring.

  1. Application procedure:

  1. Application to the position is formalized by sending the following information addressed to the Jury President, reference of number of this position (given at the top of this document), full name, number and date of the Citizen’s card or civil ID, tax identification number, date and place of birth, residence and contact address, including e-mail address and telephone contact.

  1. The application shall be accompanied by documents proving the conditions described in points 6 and 7 for admission to this selection process, in particular:

- Detailed curriculum vitae (CV);

- Certificate or diploma, including a list of courses and grades

- Motivation letter

- Candidates with graduations obtained abroad shall make proof that their degree was recognized by a Portuguese Higher Education Institution according to the applicable legislation

- List of publications, including DOI (digital object identifier) link and Journal (JCR) impact factor (when applicable).

  1. Candidates should send their applications and supporting documents, in digital (PDF) format, to the following email address:, identifying the selection procedure in the subject

  1. The deadline for application is the 22nd september 2023

  1. Candidates who incorrectly formalize their application or do not give adequate proof of the requirements of this selection process are excluded from admission to the competition. The Jury has the power to require any candidate, in case of doubt, to present documents proving his statements

  1. Candidates who do not obtain a final mark equal to or greater than 50% will not be allowed to fill any of the position in tender for lack of absolute merit

  1. False statements by candidates shall be punished in accordance with the law

  1. Admitted and excluded candidates will be notified of their inclusion or exclusion by email. The final classification of eligible candidates will be sent to each candidate by email with notification of receipt of delivery.

  1. Prior hearing and deadline for the Final Decision: After being notified, the candidates have 10 working days to comment the decision. Within a maximum of 10 days from the deadline for prior hearing, the final decisions of the Jury will be given.

  1. The present selection process is exclusively intended to fill the vacancy indicated and it is terminated when the final list of candidates is approved, and the advertised position is filled

  1. Non-discrimination and equal opportunity policy: ADAI actively promote a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity

  1. Under DL No. 29/2001, of February 3, a disabled candidate is given preference in the case of equal classification, which prevails over any other legal preference. Candidates must declare their respective degree of incapacity, the type of disability and the means of communication / expression to be used in the selection process, under the terms of the aforementioned diploma, on the application form.