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GA 680567 ComMUnion


Código da Operação: NUMBER — 680567 — ComMUnion

Acrónimo: ComMUnion

Referência: GA 680567 ComMUnion

Título: Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites

Área Científica: Industrial technologies for advanced joining and assembly processes for multi-materials

Síntese do Projeto: ComMUnion enables productive and cost effective manufacturing of 3D metal/ Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRT) multi-material components.
ComMUnion will develop a novel solution combining tape placement of CFRTs with controlled laser-assisted heating in a multi-stage robot solution. High-speed laser texturing and cleaning will overcome the limitations of current joining technology to provide greatest performance joints. ComMUnion will rely on a robot-based approach enabling on-line inspection for layer-to-layer self-adjustment of the process. Moreover, tools for multi-scale modelling, parametric offline programming, quality diagnosis and decision support will be developed under a cognitive approach to ensure interoperability and usability.
ComMUnion will address the following key innovations:
- Texturing and cleaning based on high speed laser scanning for surface condition.
- High-speed spatially resolved control of surface temperature profile.
- Multi-scale metal/CFRP modelling, self-adaptive process control, and quality diagnosis based on multimodal active imaging.
ComMUnion approach will decrease by 30% the consumption of titanium and boron steel, (costly alloys requiring critical materials). Besides, reinforcement of textured metallic surfaces with CFRT tapes will increase mechanical performance of multi-material components over 30% without cost increase.
Manufacturing of two pilot-cases for automotive and aeronautics will demonstrate the scalability of the joining process. It will be possible trough a consortium with a strong involvement of industrial partners (73% of which 55% are SMEs). The outline of the business plan ensures the exploitation of the project results. With a target market of 2.000 companies and a fair estimate of 2% market penetration (5 years after the commercialization start), ComMUnion will result in 40M€/year incomes.

Investigador Responsável: Doutor Pedro Mariano Simões Neto

Programa de Financiamento: H2020 - Industrial Leadership

Instituição Financiadora: European Comission

Data de início: 01-12-2015

Data de conclusão: 31-05-2019

Instituições participantes no Projeto: Asociacion de Investigacion Metalurgica del Noroeste (Coordenador), Autotech Engineering, AFPT Gmbh, New Infrared Technologies SL, Tecnatom S.A., Motofil Robotics, S.A., Philips Gmbh, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.V., Panepistimio Patron, Universidade de Coimbra (Participante), Missler Software, Aciturri Engineering SL, Sym Vouloi Kai Proionta Logismikou AE, Lunovu Gmbh, Esi Group

Custo total elegível (EUR): 5.917.391,82€

Apoio financeiro da UE: 4.963.011,00€

Técnico do Projeto: Paula Lopes

Contacto: 239247024