Coimbra RED Meeting (8-9 September 2022)

Ever since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the influence of Plutarch, the great writer of Chaeronea, has been enormous. Besides being an influential figure for intellectual and literary trends, Plutarch has also been fundamental in the transmission of ancient lore to medieval, Renaissance and modern Europe. Indeed, Plutarch is still a key figure for our understanding of the first centuries of the Common Era: his social provenance, education, rich political career and social life make him a first-rate witness to the cultural life of late antiquity.

Every year and in varying venues, the “RED Plutarch” gathers young and more experienced scholars around a specific topic dealing with Plutarch’s work. In 2022, the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies (CECH) from Coimbra University is very pleased to host a meeting focusing on DIAITA, one of the key-pillars of the research that is being developed within the CECH.

Program [here]

Organizing Committee

Delfim Leão
Carmen Soares
Soraya Planchas Gallarte


Daniela Pereira