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ANIMATE - Advanced Numerical Modelling and Experimental Research on Turbulent and Transitional Flows with Applications to Chemical, Power, Automotive and Aeroengine Industries (10-2019/10-2022)
BioTack - Development of biobased tackifying agents for polyurethane reactive adhesives Ref. PSE2020-063 (04-2020/03-2022)
CROWN - Characterization of the mechanical. Ref. PSE-2020-035 (12-2020/10-2021)
DISPERLIVE - OMNOVA. Ref. DITS09-2018-056 (01-2019/03-2021)
Greenpack - GEPACK - Development of new packaging with high incorporation of recycled PET and biodegradable polymers. Ref. PSE2020-061 (10-2020/09-2022)
MULTIMAT3D - Multimaterial joints by additive manufacturing technology. IPL/2021/MultiMat3D (09-2021/09-2022)

ORAiDEA – Desenvolvimento de implantes dentários _PSE (06-2018/05-2021)

SWeld - Soldabilidade em estado sólido de sistemas heterogéneos à base de aço inoxidável. Ref. IPL/2021/SSWeld (09-2021/09-2022)
T4PAIN - New biomaterials and their applications in innovative injectable formulations for controlled drug release (02-2020/02-2022)
Técnicas de Caraterização. Ref. PSE-021-121 (09-2021/10-2021)
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