Research Groups

Group A - Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing

This group is mainly focused on:

  • Biomechanics and human mobility;
  • Damage analysis;
  • Industrial management (e.g. production planning and control, supply chains, innovation, project and operations management, simulation and optimization modelling, combinatorial optimization);
  • Robotics (e.g. collaborative robotic and additive manufacturing);
  • Inverse analysis; Mechanical behaviour and design methodologies;
  • Modelling, simulation, and optimization of forming and additive processes;
  • Joining processes (e.g. conventional and solid-state welding processes).

Group B - Materials and Processes

This group is mainly focused on:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes (additive (3D e 4D) and replicative manufacturing, PVD, welding);
  • Surface & interface engineering (e.g. tribological coatings, protection and corrosion resistant coatings, bio-active modified surfaces with antimicrobial activity);
  • Sensors, biosensors, corrosion, bioelectrochemistry;
  • Polymers (e.g. biobased materials, biodegradable);
  • Nanomaterials (3D and 2D);
  • Environmental microbiotechnology (e.g. bacteria-metal interactions, microbiomes and genome mining, biological and synthetic polymers).

Key Areas

Knowledge Transfer

The research carried out in CEMMPRE has led to stimulating new ideas for new materials, technologies, prototypes and products which have potential to be directly transferred to enterprises and to the market. One of the ways of interconnecting with the industry is through various collaborative projects, namely those led by national companies.

The transfer of research knowledge has been performed internally by UC Business, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of Coimbra ( Through the transfer of a wide range of knowledge to the benefit of Society, the mission of UC Business is to transform UC into an essential partner to the business sector, carrying out joint projects with different business structures (start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, large companies and associations), within the multiple areas of knowledge of the University of Coimbra.

Externally to UC, the knowledge transfer from CEMMPRE has been boosted by IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes. IPN is an interface Institution between the University and the Industry, in particular with its laboratories “LED&MAT - Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials” and “LEC - Laboratory for Electroanalysis and Corrosion”, headed by researchers from CEMMPRE. Besides the direct support of these laboratories to companies through services or technological driven projects, IPN promotes the dissemination of the results with the objective of creating interest in the stakeholders and entrepreneurs for launching new enterprises or reinforcing existing ones, for example through “IPN – Incubator” and “IPN – Accelerator”, respectively.


CEMMPRE integrates a wide range of equipment available at the host institutions of its members.

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