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Coimbra Laser Lab is based on the University of Coimbra, established in 1290 and one of the main Portuguese Universities. The city of Coimbra is also one of Portugal main tourist destinations, because it offers state-of-the art facilities at unbeatable prices, with efficient and inexpensive transportation to the international airports of Lisbon and Oporto.

The location is easy to access from international airports served by low-cost airlines. Coimbra is served every hour by trains and buses to Oporto and Lisbon airports. The direct bus from Coimbra to the airport takes 2h, running day and night. Lisbon is connected by low-cost airlines to all major European cities.

Chemistry Department | University of Coimbra 3000-535 Coimbra, Portugal

Prof. Luis G. Arnaut

ReMade Project Coordinator

Prof. Carlos Serpa

Managing Director

E-mail: coimbralaserlab@uc.pt | Tel: 00351 239 852 080 | Fax: 00351 239 827 703

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