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International Seminar

Preserving documents – science and restoration

Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra – Sala D. João III

7-8 June 2010

The Archive of the University of Coimbra and Chymiotechnon (from the Chemistry Department) will promote an International Seminar on preservation of documents (parchment, with/without lead and wax seals, and paper). Conservation scientists and conservators are invited to submit abstracts (for oral communications) on this subject.

The selected oral communications (about 20 min each) must be related to the study, conservation and restoration of parchments with wax or lead seals (preferably) paper or books.

Information about abstract submission and registration is available. Official language for the Seminar: English.

For any questions please contact Catarina Santos (cisantos@qui.uc.pt).

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