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EfS Experiences | PhD Student Pedamallu Lakshman Ravi Teja

Publication date: 23-09-2019 11:01

Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in the ‘Sustainable Energy Systems’ at the University of Coimbra (UC), in the framework of the MIT-Portugal program.

It has been a life-changing experience on being part of the initiative Energy for Sustainability. It was during my Bachelors in Facilities and Services Planning (Building Services) in India, where I found that my interests align with the development of sustainable societies. My curiosity to excel in the domains of green buildings, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies has been increasing with time.

It had been quite a struggle for me to find a program that suits well to fulfill my needs until I came across the Master of Science in Energy for Sustainability. After exposing myself to this initiative, I realized that sustainability is much more than the common phrase of going green. This is a well-structured initiative that considers multidisciplinary approaches to deal with the sole concept of sustainability. The experience we attained here was enormous, and the opportunities the program have created for us are beyond the expectations. The program has been my motivation to dig deeper into the multidimensional concepts of sustainability. Eventually leading me to a Ph.D. in sustainable energy systems with a multi-dimensional assessment of offshore geothermal energy.

Thanks to the program for its diversity and expertise from all the departments that came together to guide me and support me during the development of the Ph.D. thesis.

Ravi Teja