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EfS Experiences | PhD Student Shiva Saadatian

Publication date: 11-05-2020 12:27

My name is Shiva Saadatian, a doctoral student in Sustainable Energy Systems (SES) under MIT-Portugal scheme at University of Coimbra. I graduated with bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from AZAD University of Tehran (Iran) in 2008. During my BSc, I found that my interests aligned with the sustainable built environment. The way of living in many countries around the world has been responsible for immense adverse impacts on the natural environment and human health. Discussions on the appropriate energy policy for the future and the growing concerns about climate change regularly focus on the built environment. The construction, maintenance and operation of the buildings throughout their lifecycle consume large amounts of energy and cause emissions. On the other hand, all building components, especially building envelope and fenestrations, can dramatically reduce the level of energy consumptions and environmental emissions. My motivation to become academically skillful in this domain had been increasing with time.

I signed up first in the master's degree in Energy for Sustainability (graduated in 2014) and later in the PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems (ongoing), in which I learned the principles of sustainability and how to investigate and improve the economic and environmental performance of building materials throughout their life. I have been a researcher at the Center for Industrial Ecology (CIE-UC) since 2012, where I do research on the life cycle assessment of the fenestrations for office buildings. I developed my research on an integrated cost and environmental early-stage design LCA to generate an automated process that supports environmental and cost feedback on early-stage design decisions for the building fenestrations (focusing on construction and operation phases, and uncertainty analysis).

The EfS Program has leading education and research activities with a goal of applying engineering systems approaches to the design of integrated sustainable energy technologies and infrastructures and educating a new generation of sustainability aware energy leaders. This initiative (both during the master's and the doctoral program) aims to bring together people from different areas of knowledge in order to address the multidisciplinary challenges that currently exist.

Shiva Saadatian