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EfS Experiences | Ph.D. Thiago Vasques

Publication date: 18-01-2019 10:53

Before I became aware of the Energy for Sustainability initiative and MIT Portugal program, I used to work on three fronts: as an Information and Communication Technology Analyst, which is my background, I worked on data center specification and high-performance processing at the Federal University of Goiás, in Brazil. I also worked as a researcher on two research and development projects related to Smart Grids in the electric power company of my region and lastly, I taught in several higher education institutions for 5 years.

After being introduced and meeting Professor Pedro Moura and the researches carried out in the area of sustainability at the Institute of Systems and Robotics (ISR) and University of Coimbra, I took  note of the PhD program in Sustainable Energy Systems and realized the opportunity to research and connect large electricity consumers such as data centers in a sustainable perspective.

In this regard, the program provided me with specialized knowledge to develop my research, allowing me to be guided by Professor Pedro Moura to have a more holistic view and being integrated with other students, researchers and professionals in a multidisciplinary context.

Currently, I have returned to Brazil, resumed my duties at the university where I work and intend to be involved in energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy projects associated with small and medium data centers both at a local and national level, contributing to sustainable development in Brazil.

Thiago Vasques