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EfS Experiences | Student | Natalia Cechova

Publication date: 02-07-2013 15:08

natalia cechova

The Master Programme in Energy for Sustainability of the University of Coimbra was one of the primary milestones in my life. With my background in Management and Economics from Masaryk University in Czech Republic, I decided to specialize in Energy Systems and Policy. EfS offered me a high quality education programme with connection to top research activities, excellent teachers and professional development. The structure of the programme I chose combined policy, innovation and development trends in energy markets with a technical specialization in a chosen field. The name of the University of Coimbra, connection to M.I.T. Portugal and language skills represent strong items in my Curriculum Vitae. I believe that innovation in the field of energy is a hot topic of the future with lots of job opportunities. My current status is that I received an offer to work for Energy Research Knowledge Centre providing information, help and communication platform for energy research in Europe which I gladly accepted.