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EfS Experiences | Student | Ana Rita Amaral

Publication date: 11-11-2014 09:30


Ana Rita Amaral

I graduated in Architecture in University of Coimbra, and after a professional period of about five years, the so long desired opportunity to join the Master in Energy for Sustainability at the same University arose.

Throughout my career path, I realized that the construction sector has been largely responsible for the degradation of environmental conditions, through the resources it consumes, the energy that requires and the waste it produces. Sustainability was, thus, gaining a growing interest and importance, as I was feeling that Architecture should engage in buildings energy efficiency and environmental impact. I had, therefore, as main motivation to do that Master Program, the need to acquire solid and credible knowledge in this area. And this Program did not disappoint my expectations at all. I had the opportunity to learn and interact, in an holistic approach, with teachers and students of the most various backgrounds, such as Engineering, Management or Environmental Sciences which, merged with my own background, made me a more richer professional.

With this Master, has emerged the opportunity to perform the Dissertation in labour context in one of the Portuguese biggest companies, having the possibility to put in practice the lessons learned in the curricular part of the course, as well as to understand how it is so important and helpful the integration of academic research in business sector.

The balance of this journey has been so positive that the continuation and deepening of studies through the MIT Portugal Doctoral Program came with a passion and naturalness almost obvious.

Today I am attending the first year of the MITPP in Sustainable Energy Systems. Bringing its results and designation to community through external stakeholders such as great and concerned business corporations, I intend to learn more to do better, with a sense of responsibility of leaving a positive and transformative mark in Architecture and Construction panorama, where there is still so much to do and to learn.