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EfS Experiences | Lecturer/Researcher | José António Bandeirinha

Publication date: 03-03-2014 16:04




I am an architect teaching Architectural Theory and Cultural Criticism, as well as all its reflections on both ordinary and erudite practices of architecture. Energy for Sustainability is an initiative of the University of Coimbra, which brings together faculty from Science and Technology departments, the School of Economics and several other schools within the University with long experience in teaching, research, technology transfer, and consulting in the areas of energy and sustainable development. The main reason I’ve joined this initiative from its very beginning is

1. the true possibility to gather scholars from different backgrounds on a common perspective of studies;

2. the opportunity to transfer knowledge to society through interaction with policy makers, managers, and technicians in positions of responsibility throughout multiple sectors of activity; and, last but not least,

3. I believe that this entity that we use to name as city has an immense and somehow unexploited role on what concerns energy sustainability.

José António Bandeirinha

Ass. Professor

Department of Architecture

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Coimbra