1. I am in the first year of my PhD, can I apply?

If you are registered in a Doctoral Program at the University of Coimbra, you can apply to 3MT.

2. Which video extension file can i use?

The recommended extensions are MP4, AVI, and WMV.

3. I will have my Thesis defense after the opening date of the competition, can I apply?

Yes, all the PhD students registered at the University of Coimbra in the year 2022/2023 can apply.

4. Can I use any object during my presentation?

No. According to the rules: Other media (e.g. laser pointer, costumes, musical instruments, laboratory equipment, animated backgrounds) are not allowed.

5. How should I record the video for my application?

The candidate must appear in the video talking about his/her doctoral thesis topic for 3 min. The use of objects, sounds, or other complements to the recording is not allowed. The recording must have good sound and image quality, without any cuts, edits, or stops. PowerPoint presentation videos with voice are not eligible.

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