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Frequently Asked Questions | Covid-19 | UC Students | 2020/2021

Last update on 1st March 2021
Where to find updated information ?

You should stay tuned for the notifications of InforEstudante and you are strongly recommended to check regularly these web pages, at, in order to keep track of the general information addressed to UC Students. 

  • If you are an Applicant, please search an answer at Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19 for Applicants »
  • To obtain information about pedagogical issues (classes, summaries, assignments) and assessment issues, you must contact the Faculty or Department in which classes are delivered. 
How to contact the Academic Management Services if there is no In-Person Assistance ?

By means of the telephone number or skype, during the extended schedule established for that purpose. 

Further information at »

What are the main dates to keep in mind in this situation?

  • 31st July 2021 – deadline for submitting Master’s Degree Dissertations for students whose submission was scheduled for earlier dates.
  • 31st August 2021- deadline for submitting PhD Theses for all students that are registered.
  • 10th September 2021 – deadline for scheduling exams in a special examination period concerning normal curricular units, in the Organisational Units that have a special examination period in July.
  • 31st October 2021 – deadline for defending Master’s Degree Dissertations, in the Organisational Units that request it.
Thesis, Thesis project and Dissertation
Will the deadlines for submission and defence of dissertations be extended ?

Yes, the deadlines for submission and defence of Master’s Degree Dissertation/Project/ Internship Report or similar units, and PhD Thesis Project, will be extended until 31st July 2021 (Rector's Order no.  26/2021 of 1st February).

The defence may take place until 31st October 2021, should the Faculty decide so, in accordance with no. 8 of article 99 of the New Academic Regulation (RAUC).

If you finish the work, can you submit and defend it within the usual deadlines ?
Yes, that is strongly recommended, since it would enable you to complete the course and begin a new stage earlier. The new deadlines are only the extension of the maximum limits, hence, whenever possible, it is desirable to comply with the deadlines established before this exceptional scenario.
How can you defend your Thesis/Dissertation during the Pandemic Scenario ?
In accordance with subparagraph d) of the Rector's Order no. 14/2021 of 21st January, the defence and assessment of Academic Theses or Dissertations is carried out remotely. This situation applies while the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are maintained.
What is the deadline for submitting a PhD Thesis ?
At the UC the deadline for submitting a PhD Thesis is until the maximum limit concerning the end of the academic year 2020/2021: 31st August 2021.
Will you pay more if you submit the PhD Thesis on that date ?
No. The PhD Student only has to pay the tuition fee concerning his/her registration for the academic year 2020/2021.
What if you are unable to submit your thesis until 31st August ?

If you are unable to submit your thesis and request the PhD Exam until the end of the deadline established, you will have to register for the subsequent academic year.

The deadlines concerning that registration will be made available in due time for the students. Keep an eye on InforEstudante notifications.

Special Examination Period
Who can sit Exams in the Special Examination Period ?

In accordance with the New Academic Regulation (RAUC) all the students who benefit from a special status provided for in that regulation (no.3 of article 134) can sit exams in the special examination period, such as Student Finalists and Student Workers:

  • two annual curricular units or four semester curricular units, if the status has been recognised for the whole academic year;
  • two semester or trimester curricular units, if the status has been recognised only for one semester, and the student can only sit exams concerning units of that semester.

Besides these, UC students who benefit from special rights concerning various situations and conditions can also sit exams in the special examination period. These conditions include diseases.  The student may request a special exam concerning  the curricular units whose exam he/she has demonstrably failed before due to that reason.

Are there any changes in the Special Examination Period calendar ?
Yes, there are. At the Faculties where the special examination period takes place in July, the end of this period has been extended until 10th September (Rector's Order no. 27/2021). At the Faculty of Law (FDUC) the special examination period takes place in September as usual.
Can you sit improvement exams in the special examination period ?

No, you cannot. The special examination period is, as usual, reserved for the assessment exams.

The Students who obtain a final grade equal or above 10, concerning a curricular unit, pass it. Therefore, all the students who obtained grades below 10 can sit an exam in the special examination period. For the special examination period what counts is the final grade resulting from the attendance, a normal exam or a supplementary exam.

Nevertheless, in accordance with Rector's Orders, grade improvements will be enabled on the same dates of the special examination period, concerning the following situations:

  • curricular units of the 2nd semester, 2nd and 3rd trimester of 2019/2020 whose exam was scheduled for March, as long as they can take place in-person (subparagraph 6c. of the Contingency Plan of 28th January).
  • curricular units of 2020/2021 whose supplementary exam the student has failed due to disease (subparagraph 6.b. of the Contingency Plan of 28th January).
How can you register for the special examination period ?

Regarding Students with status, at InforEstudante, during the deadlines established to register for the special examination period:

  • from 15th June until 2 days before the date established for the exam, for students with special examination period in July (regular curricular units, that is, all except for dissertations, thesis projects and similar curricular units);
  • from 15th July to a date in August to be announced, for students of the Faculty of Law (FDUC), whose special examination period is in September;
  • until the final deadline established internally by the Organisational Unit for the submission of Dissertation (Master's Degree), Seminar, Internship or similar units (this year is extended until 31st July 2021);
  • from 15th July to 15th September, for Thesis Project (PhD Degree), since they continue being submitted in paper format as before.

In order to request a registration for the special examination period concerning other situations, such as disease, please use the online specific request available at the menu "Academic Service » Requests".