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Isolated Curricular Units ?

How can you register for Isolated Curricular Units?
 Attending this curricular units implies an application whose acceptance is subject to an assessment in accordance with the criteria defined by the Organisational Unit (OU).
How much do you have to pay and when can you make your application?

The application to Isolated Curricular Units is free of charge and the Student only has to pay the registration for those units when and if it takes place.

The application takes place within the calendar established annually, usually at the beginning of the academic year and the beginning of the 2nd semester.

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At the moment of the registration do you also have to pay the registration fee?
 No, you do not.
You are registered for Isolated Curricular Units. And you want to know if they are going to be awarded ECTS credits when you register for the course to which those units belong.
 Yes, as long as you complete those units, they will be certified and awarded ECTS credits in the cycle of studies you attend or will attend at this University, by means of a request for awarding of credits and the corresponding fees’ payment.
Can you sit special exams concerning Isolated Curricular Units?

The Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC) applies to the students of cycles of studies. Therefore, it excludes the attendance of non-degree courses and isolated curricular units which is why a Student registered only for those units cannot benefit from the status that enables to access the special examination period.

However, student/s registered only for isolated curricular units of cycles of studies are covered by the rights provided for in no. 4 of article 134 of the Academic Regulation of the UC.

a) A religion, whose day of rest or worship is not Sunday; *
b) Student-Pregnant, Student-parents; **
c) Illness;
d) Death of Spouse or other relative;
e) Attendance at a police or military  authority;

* Regarding the situation of a religion whose day of rest or worship is not Sunday, students can only benefit from the individual recognition of the situation (in accordance with what is provided for in subparagraph b) of article 191);

** Regarding the situation of a student-pregnant or student-parents, these can only benefit from what is provided for in subparagraph a) and c) of no. 2 of article 192.

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