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Certificates, Diplomas and Formal Diplomas

Useful information...

Certificate - document which certifies information relative to a student's academic career at the university. The type of information is diverse and includes, among other things, proof of enrollment and registration or a list of classes the student has passed.
Diploma - document, which attests the conferring of an academic degree (bachelor, master and doctorate) or the completion of a non-degree program. It is known generically as certificate of completion.
Diploma Supplement — complementary to the diploma, issued in Portuguese and English, allowing for a comparison, facilitates mobility and improves external visibility of the education obtained by providing the following information:
 (i) description of the Portuguese higher educational system and how it fits into the national educational system, on the date the diploma was obtained;
(ii) characterizes the educational institution where the degree was obtained;
(iii) describes the academic aspects (degree, area, accessibility, standard duration, level) and their objectives;
(iv) provides detailed information on the program and results;
(v) includes complementary information about verified extracurricular activities, to add to the student's academic career.
Formal Diploma* - additional to or in substitution of a diploma and provides proof of a bachelor or master degree.
Formal Doctoral Diploma *- additional to or in substitution of a diploma and provides proof of a doctorate degree.
Formal Tenure Diploma* - document which provides proof of tenure.

*Formal diplomas are now issued in either a basic or traditional version, each having different costs and delivery timeframes.