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Electronic Certificate Authentication

Academic Document Authenticity Verification Service

The Academic Document Authenticity Verification Service of the University of Coimbra was developed to respond to the need to facilitate, simplify and authenticate the issuance of certificates for students under the "M023 - Permanent certificate of qualifications in higher education", part of the Simplex 2010 Program.


About the UC electronic certificate

  • The M023 measure of the Simplex program allowed the issuance of physical documents, using instead a code to access the certificate on-line in Portugal or abroad.
  • The document is certified electronically using an alphanumeric key and generated in PDF format that you can download whenever needed.
  • It has the same validity as the printed form, with the added security of being able to be canceled if lost or stolen.
  • You can request and pay through Inforestud@nte and verify the authenticity at
  • It is a certificate which can only be verified electronically (on-line) and is void if printed.
I am a student and want to submit an electronic certificate to an organization. What do I do?
  You can submit it via e-mail or in-person or print it, or just the accompanying code with the website where it can be verified.
I represent an institution and have received a UC electronic certificate code (or file). What do I do?
  You should log on to the indicated website and enter the access code provided which will allow you to view the details of the certificate.