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Multipurpose Certificate

The University of Coimbra provides the Multipurpose certificate through Inforestud@nte for all students. It is free and is verified electronically using an access key (the same as certificates, diplomas and supplements to diploma), and can be downloaded at anytime. 

How do I get a multipurpose certificate?

  1. Login to Inforestudante.
  2. Under Academic Desk on the main menu, click on Certificates.
  3. Select the program (if more than one) that you want the certificate for.
  4. Click on the "Generate New Certificate" link.
  5. Under "Type of Certificate", select "Multipurpose Certificate" (currently the only option).
  6. Continue and choose the respective school year for the certificate.
  7. Continue until the end at which point the certificate will be generated in PDF format.
  8. Download and save the certificate whenever you need to. It can be submitted electronically or in printed form with instructions for verification printed at the bottom of the document.

How does an organization verify the document?

It has the same validity as the printed form and was created as a result of the 2010 SIMPLEX Program agreement. For this reason, this document cannot be refused by any national institution, in particular, public institutions.

What every receiving institution needs to do once it has received it is:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the verification key found at the bottom of the document.
  3. Click on "Enter" and verify that the two documents contain the same information.

Is this document valid?

This document has the same validity as the printed document*

*The diploma and the diploma supplement, issued under the guidelines of the 2010 Simplex Program, Measure M023 - Permanent certificate of higher education qualifications, part of the 2010 Simplex program, enables university students to obtain an electronic document, substituting a physical document with a code to access the certificate on-line in Portugal or abroad.

What are the advantages of the electronic version?

This new service allows students to obtain the document immediately after completing registration, making it easier to send to the various entities that require proof of registration. It also helps save human and material (paper, envelopes, printers) resources.