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How to submit a request...

Certificate or Diploma?

[1] On Inforestud@nte

Students (or former students if they have an Inforestud@nte account) can obtain the following electronic certificates:

  • Certificate of registration| Certificate of Enrollment | Certificate of Attendance | Certificate of Academic Year Promotion | Diploma (and the respective supplement to diploma)| Certificate of passing grade | Certificate of number of class related hours and class syllabi | Multipurpose Certificate | Academic History  

A summary of the process follows:

  • Logon to Inforestud@nte and click on "Academic Desk>>Certificates".
  • Next, click on the "Generate Certificate" link in the upper right corner which will move to the certificates menu screen.
  • On this screen you can see the generic text by clicking on example certificate (in PDF format).
  • After deciding which certificate you want, click on "Generate Certificate".    »»You may see several options to choose from, for example, the school year for proof of registration.
  • When you have confirmed your choices, you will be given the ATM payment details.
  • After payment, your Inforestud@nte account will show that the certificate has been paid and you will have access to the certificate.
  • The authenticity and validity of this certificate is verified using the alphanumeric key that appears in the lower left corner of the certificate.
  •  The certificate can be verified and validated at by any domestic or foreign institution.
  • Any entity that receives either a printed or electronic copy of this document, can validate it through the site that appears on the document.
  • Enter the document's unique code and a copy will appear on screen which can be used to validate its contents.
[2] Via e-mail, using the form
  • To facilitate and expedite your request, include "Pedido de certidao/diploma" in the subject line and in the message body include:- your full name, ID number and type- type of certificate desired- and program you want it for
  • After you send the e-mail, you will receive an automated response with the request number generated by the request management system. Save it as proof and refer to it whenever contacting us about this subject (including in-person at the SGA Assistance Office).
  • After your request has been processed, you will be notified (via e-mail) of the amount to be paid and how you can pay it. In most cases it will be through an ATM. 
[3] In-person in the Academic Management Services Assistance Office

To facilitate and expedite your request, please download and fill out the form and print it.

Click to go to the forms page (in portuguese)
[4] By mail, addressed to:
  • Serviço de Gestão AcadémicaColégio de Santa Rita (Palácio dos Grilos), Rua da Ilha 3004-531 COIMBRA

After your request has been processed, you will be notified (via e-mail) of the amount to be paid and how you can pay it. In most cases it will be through an ATM.


Formal Diploma, Formal Doctoral or Tenure Diploma

To request any of these formal diplomas, fill out the following form and take it, along with your ID, to the Academic Management Services Assistance Office. To facilitate and expedite your request, please download the form, fill it out and print it.

Click to go to the forms page (in portuguese)

Supplement to Diploma?

The supplement to diploma is, as its name indicates, an annex to the certificate of completion, currently known as diploma, and in order to obtain it you need to request a certificate of completion according to the guidelines in "How do I obtain a Certificate or Diploma?"

At UC, this document is certified digitally, by downloading the form in PDF (Portable Document Format) from Inforestud@nte.

This option is one of the features of UC's academic information system, NONIO, which was introduced with the fifth SIMPLEX Program: SIMPLEX '10, whose measures are organized by life events where the interaction between citizens and the government can be simplified. NONIO is part of measure "M023 - PERMANENT HIGHER EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS CERTIFICATE".

This measure aims to help students obtain an electronic copy of their Certificate of Completion and the Supplement to Diploma, under the terms of articles 38 to 42 of Executive Order no. 42/2005 of 22 February.

This option is currently available to students with an Inforestud@nte account and who have completed a degree under Bologna.

Please remember that:

  1. The cost varies for each document and can be found on the schedule of fees.
  2. Your request will only be sent after payment of respective fees.
  3. Payment can be made at the finance office of any one of the assistance centers (in cash, check or bank card), or by using the bank reference detail provided by SGA.
  4. Only requests that include Student's Full Name, Type and number of ID , Student Number and Program will be accepted.

As requests can be submitted through various means, requests are often submitted multiple times, making it more difficult to process the requests in a timely manner and delays the resolution.  We ask for your understanding to avoid the repetition of requests. Thank You.