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Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is a standardized document and is complementary to the original degree certificate. Its primary objective is to promote international transparency, thus facilitating mobility and employability at the national and international level. It also serves to recognize, using a simplified decision process, academic and professional qualifications earned.


1. The Diploma Supplement is merely informative and is not a substitute for the diploma nor does it constitute proof of the degree to which it refers.

2. Diploma Supplements are only issued with diplomas for degree programs under the Bologna process.

3. The Diploma Supplement issued by UC, is electronic: as a PDF file and can be authenticated via the Web using an alphanumeric code.

How do I request the Diploma Supplement ?

  1. It is automatically issued with the diploma (certificate of completion) and cannot be requested separately.
  2. The supplement is delivered electronically in digital format, through Inforestud@nte.

Items than can be included on the Diploma Supplement:

Independent of the format, it is necessary to verify the extracurricular activities included on this document.

Activity Source Certifying Entity Entity that Enters the Information
Fieldwork development support* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Laboratory work development support* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Support for residents in university housing SASUC SASUC SGA
Activities of Recognized University Merit at UC* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Extracurricular activities* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Academic Associaton of Coimbra Sports Division athletes DG AAC DG AAC SGA
Merit Scholarships SGA SGA SGA
Summer Internships SGA SGA SGA
Non-academic internships SGA SGA SGA
Foreign Internships DRI DRI DRI
UC Student athlete; ODUC ODUC SGA
UC Research Scholarship student* DRH DRH SGA
Student leaders of UC student association (Member of the Board of the Academic Association of Coimbra, Member of the Cultural and Sports Committees of AAC, Member of the Faculty of Letters Student Association, Member of AAC Autonomous Organization) DG AAC DG AAC SGA
Students involved in UC cultural activities U.O. (Rectorate) U.O. (Rectorate) U.O./SGA
Student Member of UC Committee U.O. (Rectorate) U.O. (Rectorate) U.O./SGA
Member of the Scientific, Cultural or Sports Events Organizing Commision* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Member of JEEFEUC U.O. U.O. U.O.
Member of jeKnowledge U.O. U.O U.O
Mobility and Cooperation DRI DRI DRI
Monitor/Tutor* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Participant in the "Buddy - Adopt a Foreigner" Program DRI DRI DRI
Top 3% of Students Award SGA SGA SGA
Scholastic Awards U.O. U.O. U.O.
Publications* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Seminars* U.O. U.O. U.O.
Socrates-Erasmus DRI DRI DRI
Work leading to the writing of a thesis or dissertation at a Foreign University U.O. U.O. U.O.
Final projcet abroad U.O U.O U.O
Civic Volunteer* U.O. U.O. U.O.

How do I include these activities in the Diploma Supplement?

Activities that SGA or the UO include and do not require any action by the student
 SGA has updated students' profiles with all activities since 2006/2007 whose responsibility belongs exclusively to the associated organization.  Going forward, these activities will be inserted on the Diploma Supplement on a regular basis each school year by 31 December and 31 May.
Activities that students are responsible for

Activities marked by an asterisk (*) in the table above, will be inserted by the UO but require a request by the student accompanied by the following document:

The document should be submitted to the Organizational Unit's responsible office.

If you need the Diploma Supplement immediately and there are activities that haven't been entered in your Inforestud@nte profile under "Student Desk" "Certificates", you should submit the necessary documents according to the instructions and templates as indicated.