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Inforestudante is available to students, former students and students applying for admission to UC accessible from anywhere via the internet at, and requires a valid username and password.

It was developed in 1999, updated in 2000 and 2002 and is currently part of NONIO, the University's information system (New University Academic System) developed in 2007. NONIO combines the academic management of all University of Coimbra students, programs and degree levels and includes all related parties: service providers, faculty and students.

It was first rolled out to FCTUC (College of Sciences and Technology) in 2007 and to the rest of the University starting in 2009 and concluding in 2011. In 2011/2012 all UC students were registered in this new system and in 2012/2013 all information related to tuition and student payments became available and was managed by NONIO.


Inforestud@nte is an interactive curriculum and educational management service where every student is identified by their Student Number and has access to:

  • the application process, enrollment, registration for classes and exams (where required by UC regulation);
  • grades, weighted grade average, simulator for class sequence, graduation and possible ineligibility situations;
  • summaries and course support materials;
  • tuition payment plan and ATM payment reference data;
  • issuance and payment of electronically generated certificates;
  • regulations, instruction manuals and other documents;
  • varied general and individual notices.

UC continues to look for ways to simplify students' lives minimizing personal visits to Academic Services. For this reason new services are constantly being planned for this communication and information platform.

First Login

Due to the high number of students using this service, a unique ID using a combination of the student's personal information is created when registering in the system for the first time. However, this information alone does not guarantee a student's exclusive access to their information in the system.

To ensure greater security, all students, when logging in for the first time, are required to change their user name and password which will be used for future logins. You will only be allowed to login after "Changing your Password".

If you forget your password you can submit a request and it will be sent to the email you registered on Inforestud@nte.


When changing your password in Inforestud@nte, you are guaranteed maximum security via a secure login using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The SSL protocol is the industry standard for authenticating sites and encrypting communications between users and Web servers.

One of the big advantages is its transparency to the user (the user is not required to do anything to establish a secure connection), and its principal objective is to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information and to authenticate the identity of the parties exchanging information.


· To confirm that the information is being transmitted securely, the web address must begin with HTTPS:// and a "lock" icon should appear somewhere in the browser window.

· For greater security you should periodically change your password using the "Change Password" option.