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European PhD

The “European PhD” is a title associated with the degree of PhD, awarded by European Universities, to which a reference is made on the Diploma, as laid down in article 89 in the Academic Regulation of the University of Coimbra.

Note 1: The term “European” refers to the mobility framework rather than any other joint degree or any additional degree to the PhD degree.

Note 2: This title, which is obtained by students registered at other European universities, does not exempt his/her holder from being subject to the equivalences and recognition system as provided by the Portuguese legislation concerning the PhD degree.

Awarding of the Title

To be awarded the title of European PhD by the UC, the following conditions have to be met:

1) The PhD Student is properly registered for a PhD course at the UC.

2) The PhD Student accomplished a minimum research period of a trimester as part of the preparation work of the PhD thesis pursuant to a cooperation protocol between the UC and the host university.

3) The work accomplished in the host University was certified by that institution.

4) To be admitted to a Public Defence, it is mandatory:

  • to present 2 positive thesis assessment reports written by 2 Professors from 2 higher education institutions from 2 European countries different from the one where the Thesis is going to be defended; and
  • that, at least, one of the PhD examination board members has to be from a higher education institution from a country other than the one where the Thesis is going to be defended.

5) In the PhD Public Defence, one part of the defence has to be done in an official language of the EU different from Portuguese and this information has to be referred to in the minutes of the public defence;

6) In the thesis examination, one of the examiners has mandatorily to be the foreign Professor, and, with that member, the discussion is carried out in the language mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Procedure to make this request

  1. The PhD student expresses his/her intention of applying to the European PhD course by means of the request directed to the Rector.
  2. If there is not any yet, the student has to deliver a proposal of a cooperation protocol between the UC and the foreign higher education institution, which is the host institution where the candidate intends to accomplish the work during his/her thesis. To this purpose, the student has to use the appropriate draft of the UC, so that it may be formally analysed by this Service.
  3. The outcomes of the research accomplished in another European country have to be duly certified by the host institution.
  4. The President of the Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit has the responsibility for taking the proceedings necessary to obtain the thesis assessment reports. The Rector has the responsibility of sending the invitation to the foreign Professor to be part of the examination board.
  5. In the first meeting of the PhD examination board the certificates and assessment reports mentioned in the previous paragraphs are presented, their existence is mandatorily registered in the minutes and the documents are attached to it.
  6. Besides the usual examiners, the foreign Professor mandatorily takes part in the thesis examination. Therefore, the discussion is carried out in the language proposed for the achievement of the mention “European PhD”.
  7. The awarding of the title “European PhD” depends on the positive assessment of the examination carried out in the foreign language.
  8. After being successful in the examination, the PhD student requests the Rector, by means of a form delivered to the Academic Management Services, that the title “European PhD” is mentioned and included in his/her diploma.