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Assistance with the Form

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This form replaces the previous procedure that consisted of sending emails to the address We will now describe the different fields of the form:



  • International Student – student that holds this status (due to the fact that the student has enrolled at UC through an International Student access competition or because this status was attributed to him/her).
  • Student in a Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree/other type of course – includes students in Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and courses that do not grant a degree.
  • PhD. student – for cycles of studies (after and before the Bologna Process).
  • Former student – all of the students that have enrolled at UC, even if they have not completed the cycle of studies/course.
  • Other holders of degrees or titles – includes the cases in which the degrees were granted by UC or in the case of request for a degree/title to be granted by UC, as is the case of an aggregation examination, equivalence or recognition of a foreign qualification, or presentation of a thesis through a special regime.


Information about the person making the request

Full name

Field to insert name (first and last name). When the person does not have a student number, the FULL NAME has to be inserted, in order to allow for the clear identification of the person. The request will be closed if an unequivocal identification is not possible (for example, if the full name is not provided and there are several records with the names that were indicated).
Student number Field to insert the student number at the University of Coimbra. It is mandatory for current students. Former students should also provide it, but it is not mandatory in their case.
Organic Unit Choose the organic unit/faculty to which the degree or cycle of studies belongs.
Telephone number Field to insert a telephone number. Only for former students and other holders of degrees or titles, as the Service possesses the contacts of current students of the UC.
Email Email address to receive all of the messages concerning the request. Only for former students and other holders of degrees or titles, as the Service possesses the contacts of current students of the UC.


Select the type of request

  • Information – request for information about an issue
  • Undertaking an action – request for an academic action, like, for example, the enrollment in a special exam, a change in enrollment, cancellation of enrollment.
  • Certifying document – certificates, diplomas (completion certificate), academic transcripts.
  • Formal diploma (Carta de curso/carta doutoral) – carta de curso – formal diploma for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, carta doutoral – formal diploma for PhD. degrees. This document is issued in Latin, in a specific template with the insignia of the UC, official seal of the Rector and signature of the Administrator, delivered in a metallic box.  
  • Suggestion/Complaint/Compliment – In order to leave a suggestion, remark, complaint or compliment connected with the central Academic Management Service.


Select the issue

Select a topic from the list of options.


Describe the request

Insert, in a clear and specific way, what the request aims to achieve.

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