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Extraordinary Exams

Who can access this Examination Period?

In accordance with the Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC), students who can access this examination period are those covered by the following situations:

In the RAUCConferred rights

Article no. 140


The early exam of a curricular unit, that is, changing it from the special examination period to one of the extraordinary examination periods, provides the student with an additional opportunity to complete his/her academic pathway by sitting the exam(s) before the usual periods during the academic year (article 115).

The request for an early special exam is conditioned to the maximum number of exams established for the status of finalist and the obligation to register for the extraordinary examination period, to be carried out in the established deadlines.

By requesting for the early special examination period, the student will lose the opportunity to use the normal special examination period for that curricular unit.


  • The early exam can only take place concerning the re-registration curricular units, that is, units that the student has attended in previous academic year. Master’s Degree Dissertations, Internships, Projects and other similar units are included here.

Article no. 156

UC Student Young Association Leader

In each academic year, the UC student Young Association Leader has the right to benefit from the extraordinary examination periods, up to five exams, if he/she is entitled to this status for the whole academic year, or up to three exams, if the status is only for one semester, with a maximum of two exams per curricular unit.

These rights may be exercised throughout one year after the end of the Term of Office as Association Leader, provided that the Term of Office actually lasted at least one year. If this period to apply the benefit ends after the beginning of a semester, the benefit is applied also to the curricular units of that semester if at least two months have passed since the beginning of the semester.

Conferred by the Legislation: article no. 25 of Law 23/2006 of 23rd June.

Article no. 183

Contracted or voluntary Servicepersons

The student serviceperson who cannot sit the exams on the dates they take place, has the right to sit the exams in an extraordinary examination period, provided that he/she proves that situation at the Academic Management Services (SGA), within the deadline of 15 consecutive days after the end of the impediment and a minimum of two working days prior to the day of the exam.

Conferred by the Legislation: no. 7 and no. 8 of Article no. 3, of Decree-Law no. 320 -A/2000, of 15th December, with the words in the Decree-Law no. 320/2007, of 27th September.

Article no. 180

Firefighters of Professional, Volunteer or Professional and Volunteer Fire Brigades

The student firefighter with at least two years on duty is entitled to request up to five extraordinary exams in each academic year, with a maximum of two exams per curricular unit.

Conferred by the Legislation: Decree-Law 241/2007 of 21st June.

When do the exams take place?

Regarding normal curricular units, the extraordinary exams take place in the beginning of each academic year, in October, and after the first semester, in March. The Examination Period of October is the first assessment period of each academic year.

The defence of Dissertations and other similar units in the Extraordinary Examination Period may take place on other dates that are established by the Faculties.

How to register for an Extraordinary Exam ?

[1] Access InforEstudante, and in the left side menu select the option “Academic Service » Requests”.

[2] Add one of the following types of request according to the examination period for which you want to register – October or March:

  • [Alun@s] Early Exam/Registration for the Extraordinary Period of the 1st semester (October)
  • [Alun@s] Early Exam/Registration for the Extraordinary Period of the 2nd semester (March)

[3] Follow the instructions, enter the requested data and seal your request.

What is the registration deadline?

The registration for exams to sit in the Extraordinary Examination Period must be made according to the deadlines defined in the Rector’s Order concerning the deadlines for each academic year, which is available at Academic Deadlines »

10th October
- Extraordinary Examination Period of October, for regular curricular units.

  • If the Student registers for the course beyond this deadline, he/she may submit the request within the 15 consecutive days after the registration. Therefore, he/she should be present on the date and at the location established to sit the exam, and previously inform the services of his/her Organisational Unit regarding his/her situation.

10th March - Extraordinary Examination Period of March, for regular curricular units.

  • If until the end of the deadline there are grades to be accepted, the Student may, nevertheless, submit the request for registration for the exam.

    Do you need to register at your Faculty/Department ?

    In order to organise these examination periods, the Faculties, Departments or Organisational Units (OU) may require a pre-registration:

    • This pre-registration does not exempt the student from registering at the Academic Management Services (SGA) by means of InforEstudante, which is a mandatory formality so that he/she may sit the exams and the grades may be published in a grade roster.

    Note: The extraordinary examination periods, as well as the special examination period, are aimed to sit assessment exams (there are no grades improvements).