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Student Insurance

The UC student insurance covers, in each academic year, all the students that are duly registered for the corresponding academic year or cycle of studies at the UC. 

How can you prove that you are covered by the Student Insurance?

By means of the Multipurpose Certificate and the copy of the Insurance Policy concerning the contract made by the UC (a document mentioning the Number of the Insurance Policy, its coverage and conditions to access the insurance):

  • After the registration is made, the electronic multipurpose certificate becomes available automatically for the Student. This document, besides ascertaining that you are registered for a certain course and academic year, it proves also that you are covered by the UC student insurance.

  • The Insurance Policy may be retrieved from InforEstudante and/or printed at “Academic Service » Policies and Procedures”.

How to activate the Student Insurance?
  • At the Academic In-Person Assistance of the SGA operating in the Student Hub,  the student or his/her representative must deliver the form of the Insurance Company available for that purpose.

    Please click HERE to download the form of the Insurance Company.

  • The form must be filled in and signed by the claimant (Student) and delivered along with the documents related to the accident (medical report and invoices to get reimbursement from the Insurance Company).
Which risks does the Student Insurance cover ?
  • Maximum cover amount for treatment expenses: 10 thousand euros.
  • Maximum cover amount for death or permanent disability: 35 thousand euros.
  • Maximum cover amount for Student Civil Responsibility: 5 thousand euros
  • Maximum cover amount for UC Civil Responsibility: 25 thousand euros.
  • Maximum cover amount for Funeral expenses: 5 thousand euros.
  • Maximum cover amount for Repatriation expenses: 3 thousand euros.
Please Note

If the Student considers that this insurance policy does not entirely satisfy his/her interests, he/she may provide another insurance or an additional one.