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Part Time Students

Any student registered for up to 30 ECTS for the entire school year or up to 15 ECTS for one semester is considered part-time. When registering for programs offered by UC, Inforestud@nte requires the student to confirm full-time or part-time status.

Thus, although the system automatically recognizes a students situation after he/she chooses the classes to attend, given the formal implications that this choice carries for eligibility and tuition purposes, the student must acknowledge unequivocally that it is what the student intends.

Registration as a part-time student is based on registration for less than or equal to 30 ECTS annually or less than or equal to 15 ECTS in one semester.

  • The tuition due for part-time students is 60% of the tuition amount(1) for full-time students.
  • Part-time students do not receive other benefits offered by UC in view of the reduced tuition paid by the student.
  • Part-time registration is counted as 0.5 for determining subsequent year registration eligibility.
  • Whenever the number of credits/classes are limited by special situations, such as, among others, exams or to improve a grade, the limit applicable to part-time students is half of the limit of full-time students, based on number of classes, unless otherwise indicated.

Typically, those students who for whatever reason (working students for example) are not able to progress at the same pace as full-time students, should enroll as part-time students and have twice the amount of time to complete their program.

Summary of registration information

Registration Type
Registration Conditions  % of Tuition Amount
Full-time Annually
  • Registration in more than 30 ECTS, up to the maximum number of credits for the program.
  • Registration in annual, 1st and 2nd semester classes.
  • Registered for more that 15 ECTS, up to half of the maximum number of credits for full-time.
  • Registered for annual classes, 1st and 2nd semester.
50% (both payments due during semester in which registered)
Part-time Annually
  • Registered for <=30ECTS
  • Registered for annual classes, 1st and 2nd semester.
  • Registered for <=15ECTS
  • Registered only for 1st or 2nd semester classes.