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Completion of Degree

If you complete your degree by February 28 of each school year you will be responsible for paying tuition for the 2nd semester.
Students who complete their program by September 30 are not required to register for the following school year.
Completion of a graduate degree (master's) occurs upon defending a thesis (or equivalent) or taking a class that may be lacking.
For tuition purposes, the completion of a doctorate program occurs when the dissertation and its request for defense is submitted per the guidelines of University Decree 163/2012, 17 September.
Where dissertation or equivalent defenses cannot be completed by 30 September, an extension until 31 October may be granted. Prior notice by the Department or Academic Management Services will be given.
If the defense cannot be completed by this date, the student must enroll in the next school year and pay the corresponding tuition. If the defense is completed by 28 February, the student is not responsible for paying tuition for the second semester.
Students enrolled in pre-Bologne Doctorate programs are excepted from these deadlines as they are subject to different deadlines per University Decree 230/2011, 7 December.
[1.] Students who complete their program during the school year

1.1 The student requests a course completion diploma from a University of Coimbra Academic Management Services center, the entity responsible for the issuance of these certificates:

  • In order for the University to issue a certificate, the student cannot have any past-due tuition. 
  • All tuition must be paid leaving a zero balance. The amount of tuition is for an entire school year, dividing it into four payments is merely to make it easier for students to pay tuition.

1.3 Students can choose to pick up the diploma from Academic Management Services or have it sent via mail.

[2.] Students who simultaneously complete an undergraduate and graduate degree

2.1 During the regular registration period, the student enrolls in the graduate degree through Inforestud@nte for the same school year.

  • Graduate level classes fulfilling the graduate requirements will automatically transfer to the graduate program, thereby completing the graduate degree if sufficient credits have been completed.
  • In this case, the student does not need to register for classes or pay a registration fee for the present school year.
  • If the degree is not completed, the graduate enrollment is canceled and the student continues as an undergraduate student during the present school year.
  • The student can submit a request for a certificate of completion for the undergraduate degree.

2.2 After the annual registration period, the student informs Academic Management Services that they meet the requirements for completion of the graduate degree.

  • Academic Management Services verifies the situation and enrolls the student in the graduate program.

2.3 Upon completing the program, the student submits a request for a certificate of completion of the graduate degree and must not have any tuition owing.

2.4 Students can choose to pick up the diploma from Academic Management Services or have it sent via mail.

[3.] Students who complete the undergraduate portion of an integrated master's degree

3.1 If this occurs immediately after applying (for returning or transfer students or change of major):

  • The student cannot have any tuition owing and must finalize enrollment in this program during the school year they were accepted.

3.2 In cases where the undergraduate degree is completed but graduate-level classes need to be taken:

  • If it is a continuing program that does not include electives (such as Master's in Geographical Engineering, Geology and Mining Engineering and Master's in Visual Information Technology), the student should proceed as in [2].
  • Otherwise the student must apply for the intended program.

NOTE: The diploma or completion letter (for undergraduate or graduate), should be requested from the University Academic Management Services according to the instructions on Submitting requests for certificates, diplomas or completion letters