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Special Rights

Special Rights

The UC Policy on Student Special Rights (RDEEUC) combines the special rights for all UC students in one document and covers all colleges and departments. Its purpose is to provide uniformity and equality in its application and eliminate differential treatment. This document serves to promote balance between the different special rights and a rigorous application of the rules.

Students in the following situations can receive special rights at UC (in portuguese):

In addition, students in the following situations have other special rights (in portuguese):

Formal Request and Granting of Status

Students wishing to receive special status should submit the appropriate form supplied by Academic Management Services (SGA) which can be found on the home page of this site under "Forms" (in portuguese).

Approval by SGA is dependent on the submission and verification of all documentation submitted with the request with the following exceptions:

  • Professional athletes;
  • Student leaders of UC student association and Student members of UC committees;
  • UC Student athlete;
  • Students involved in UC cultural activities;
  • Students participating in activities of University recognized merit.

There are exceptions that require the IDP, IP, IPJ, AAC Administration, ODUC, OCUC and UC departments and colleges to publish the lists of those students in the respective situations.

Failure to submit the required documentation will result in denial of special status.

Any student who requests but is not entitled to receive special status will suffer the following consequences: all rights associated with that status and any grades received for that year will be anulled and the student will be prohibited from requesting or receiving any special status covered by the respective regulation.

The student will be informed of the approval or denial of special status via email and through Inforestudante.

Deadlines for requesting special status

A request for any of the aforementioned special statuses should be submitted:

  • by 15 October, or a maximum of 15 business days after registration, if completed after the deadline.
  • by 28 February, if the student is only eligible for special status for the 2nd semester and requests it.

In the previous situation, the rights are applicable only during the 2nd semester.

Failure to meet the deadlines in this article will result in denial of your request.

For more information please visit the 
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