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Special Period Exams

Who can take Special Period Exams?

All UC students are subject to the same rules on special period exams, therefore only students with special circumstances or situations covered in university policy can take special exams during the special period:

Special Rights
Other special rights for the following situations

»Working students
»Professional athletes
»Student leaders of UC student association and Student members of UC committees
»Students with special educational needs
»UC student athletes
»Students involved in UC cultural activities (some levels)
»Students on active military duty

» Students participating in activities of University recognized merit


»Final Year Students
»Final Year Students from 1st cycle of integrated masters

» Students enrolled in curricular units of the type Thesis Project

Exchange students - outgoing
Students admitted through a special admissions process
Student parents
Death of spouse or family member
Appearance before a police, judicial or military authority
Member of a religion whose day of worship is other than Sunday

How do I know when my status has changed?

  1. Access your Inforestud@nte account and go to the "General »» Curricular Data menu.
  2. Click on the "Status and Benefits" tab and choose the current school year.
  3. Verify the status entered by Academic Management Service (SGA  - Serviço de Gestão Académica). 

How do I register?

1. If your status is one of the above (marked by »), you may register for special exams directly through Inforestud@nte and are not required to submit a petition or do anything else.

  • Access your Inforestud@nte account and go to the "Academic Service"»"Registration Examination" menu.
  • Select the course and then click on the link "Add Registration".
  • Follow the instructions and select the class or classes for which you want to take a special exam.

2. If your status is one of the other listed above and requires you to submit documentation that verifies your situation (illness, maternity, away), please go to one of the campus assistance centers.

3. You must submit all documents verifying your situation according to the normal deadlines unless your status was awarded after the beginning of the school year.

You can always contact us via email at »

When is the special registration period?

On-line on Inforestud@nte under registration.

1. For students in all UC colleges (except the Faculty of Law) with special registration period in July:

  • From 15 June until 2 days before the exam (according to the dates listed on the exam schedule for each class) - registration for special examinations for each class.
  • Special registration period for doctoral projet theses ("Projeto de Tese") is from 15 July until 15 September .
  • For Dissertations and similar (master degree) registration must occur before submession in the InforEstudante. 

2. For Faculty of Law students whose special period is in September:

  • From 15 July until 14 August - special registration period deadline for all classes.

Visit the Faculty of Law student services office or website for more details.


Registration for a special exam can only be done after all course, exam (normal and recourse) grades have been posted by the professor and accepted by SGA.

  • If you are unable to register for an exam due to one of these reasons, you can still take the exam. To do this, first inform your faculty's student services office so they will be expecting you and then take the exam on the scheduled day and time. 
  • Please remember that your grade will only be posted after registering for the exam and verification of your right to take it. 
  • No course grades that don't meet these criteria will be accepted.
During the exam period you will receive a notice letting you know that you can register for special exams during the seven days following the acceptance of all grades that are lacking.

Some clarifications...

  • The special period can never be used to improve a grade in a class you have previously taken in other academic year.
  • A final year student is one who, in the current school year, is registered for classes that will complete the requirements for completion of a bachelor's, master's, integrated master's degree or 1st cycle of integated master.