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Exception Period Exams

Exception period exams take place in the month of October and in the month of March of each school year. According to the UC Regulation on Student Special Rights (RDEEUC), students in the following situations are allowed to sit for exams during this period:

RDEEUC Benefits

art. 42º

Final-year student

Final year students that only need to take one class per semester to graduate may request to use the exception period to sit for an exam during the special period of that school year. The student must submit a request by two business days before the start of the exception period. In doing so, the student loses the right to use the subsequent special period.

ATTENTION: a student may only sit early for an exam for classes already taken.

art. 21º

Student leaders of UC student association

May take five exams during the exception period in addition to exams in the normal, recourse and special periods, with a maximum of two exams per class.

Students have one year from the end of their term in office, provided that their term was for at least one year, to exercise this right. If the applicable time frame ends after the second month of the semester, all classes in that semester are eligible for this benefit.

Granted by Legislation: art. 25 of Law 23/2006 of 30 June.

art. 16

Career and non-career military

Active duty military who are unable to sit for exams on the scheduled date(s), may submit a request to SGA to sit for exams during the exeption period. The request must be submitted within five days of the end of

Conferred by Law: paras. 7 and 8 of article 3 of Executive Order n. 320-A/2000 of 15 December as amended by Executive Order n. 320/2007 of 27 September.


Career or voluntary firefighters

Firefighters with at least two years of service may take up to five exams during the exception period in addition to exams in the normal, recourse and special periods, with a maximum of two exams per class.

Conferred by Law: Executive Order 241/2007 of 21 June


Registration is done at SGA:

via e-mail to
at assistance centers.

always include

  • complete name, student number, exams you want to sit for during the exception period and the status that allows you to sit for exams during this period.

»»Go to the FORMS page to obtain the form "Registration for exception period exams" (in portuguese)


Registration for exception period exams must be completed during by the following dates:(1)

  • October 10 for the October exam
  • February 28 for the March exam

(1) In order to organize the respective exam periods, the college responsible for the class (not the program) may require a pre-registration of between 15 and 30 days before the beginning of the respective period. This pre-registration does not relieve the student from registering with SGA so you will be allowed in to the exam.