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The University of Coimbra approved a new Eligibility Policy, as set out in Law no. 37/2003 of 22 August, and includes the changes that were introduced by Law no. 49/2005 of 30 August which establishes the eligibility policy for University of Coimbra students to register for classes in bachelor's and combined master's programs if they haven't yet earned a bachelor's degree.

Eligibility is defined as the right to register for subsequent semesters in any of the programs referred to above when the student meets the following criteria:

Maximum number of semesters ECTS Credits earned
3 0 - 59
4 60 -119
5 120 - 179
6 180 - 239

For example, to register for a fourth semester, a student must have earned at least 60 ECTS credits and 120 ECTS credits to register for a fifth semester. 

  • In the case of combined master's programs, eligibility is determined based on the number of ECTS necessary to complete the bachelor's portion of the program.

Please note that any credits earned prior to the 2004/2005 school year are do not count for eligibility purposes.

Special Situations

In determining eligibility, a semester only counts as 0.5, and is not rounded up above the actual number earned, for all students that fall under any of the following situations.

Students in any of the following situations receive special eligibility status: a) Part-time student; b) Student with special educational needs, as determined by a physician, which prohibit the student from passing a class(es); c) Student on maternity/paternity leave; d) Student with an infectious or contagious disease, as determined by a physician, that prohibits the student from completing a class(es); e) Student with a chronic illness or on long-term sick leave, as determined by a hospital, Health Center or a note from a specialist, that prohibits the student from completing a class(es); f) Professional athletes.

For situations b through f, each semester only counts as half, depending on documentation provided under the respective terms and deadlines in the University of Coimbra Special Rights Policy.

Maintain your eligibility

When registering for a new school year, students at risk of losing eligibility should plan well so as to maintain eligibility.

  • If you are a working student, you must request special status by the deadline to prevent your registration from being counted against your eligibility.
  • If you do not have any special status, and you need to complete 30 ECTS to maintain eligibility, you might want to consider registering as a part-time student as your semester would only count as half (0.5). This way you will avoid the risk of trying to do everything at one time as a full-time student and avoid losing eligibility.


At any time. you can check your eligibility by using the Eligibility Simulator found on your personal page on Inforestud@nte.

Ineligible students

Ineligiblity prevents students from continuing their program at the University of Coimbra during two consecutive semesters. After one year students may re-apply.

During the period of ineligibilty, students may register for free-electives. A student can request credit for them during the re-application process .