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Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) scholarship recipients

All recipients and applicants of the FCT scholarship need to provide proof of status for tuition purposes by 30 November, by submitting the following documents:

a) Recipient: Certified FCT declaration showing proof of scholarship, period covered by scholarship and the amount to be paid to UC.

b) Applicant: proof of application or request for renewal.

Recipients should submit proof of scholarship within the 30 days following notification of award by submitting the documents listed under item a) above.

The respective documents need to be submitted to the Academic Support office, using the web form available at Academicos@UC with the following information:

  • "Categories" = Doctorate Student
  • "Request type" = Academic Act
  • "Description / Subjec" = Scholarship Recognition (FCT and others)

Upon verification , Academic Management Services will update the student's file in NONIO to reflect scholarship award or application status.

Students who choose to send their FCT declaration through the mail are required to submit the original or a certified copy to one of the Academic Support offices by 30 December or within 30 days of learning of receipt of same.


Failure to submit the documents referred to in items a) and b) above by the stipulated deadlines requires a petition and payment of late fees.

The student must pay the registration fee as it is not covered by the FCT scholarship.