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Exams Schedule

This Schedule is aimed to disseminate the PhD and Tenure Exams at the UC. The scheduling is always requested to the Academic Management Services (SGA), and is subject to confirmation.

Check the Schedule HERE (in Portuguese)

Caption: ocupado (occupied) refers to meetings and other events.

Additional information:
  1. The rooms available for the Academic Exams are the Sala dos Capelos (Reitoria), Room José Anastácio da Cunha (Department of Mathematics) and Room Carlos Ribeiro (Colégio de Jesus).
  2. From June to September there are no academic exams in the Room José Anastácio da Cunha (it is only used for Dissertation defences).
  3. During the month of August there are no academic exams (as established in the Academic Activities Calendar).
  4. There are no Academic Exams on Mondays morning (it is exclusively for rehearsals).
Please check also the Examination Boards of PhD and Tenure Exams