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Jointly Supervised PhD

Useful information...

  • Jointly Supervised PhD - allows a doctoral candidate to obtain a PhD from two universities simultaneously, with or without coursework, and recognized by both institutions as the same degree.
  • Home institution - institution where the doctoral candidate applied and was admitted.
  • Cosignatory institution - where the candidate will do a part of the research and where the dissertation co-advisor teaches.

The University of Coimbra participates in the joint supervision PhD program under the terms of the Regulation on Jointly Supervised PhDs, which defines the framework for its implementation at the University of Coimbra, and the rules for its completion. 

See the UC Regulation on Jointly Supervised PhDs (in Portuguese)


Doctoral candidates who wish to obtain one doctorate degree from two universities simultaneously, under the terms of the above mentioned regulation.


  1. Existence of doctorate programs considered by both institutions as equal.
  2. Confirmation of registration by the doctoral candidate at the home institution.
  3. The doctoral candidate is required to have two co-advisors, one from each university. The co-advisors must sign a formal agreement for each student defining the exact terms of the joint supervision.
  4. The candidate must do some work at each of the institutions.

A minimum of one school year must be spent at each institution (with at least nine months of continuous presence), and can be for two consecutive semesters and must begin after the agreement is signed and cannot be completed through equivalency credits.


  1. The doctoral candidate expresses interest to the advisor in completing a jointly supervised PhD or the advisor invites the student to do so.
  2. The advisor and doctoral candidate decide on the work to be done at the partner university, and the timetable for completing it, making the necessary contacts to implement the agreement.
  3. Once the co-advisor from the partner university agrees, the doctorate program is considered to meet all requirements per the Joint Supervision Regulation above.

Joint supervision agreement

Per the Regulation's protocol, the joint supervision program is only implemented after all parties reach an agreement.

  • This agreement is written in Portuguese and English as applicable.
  • The candidate is required to register each year at both the home and partner universities.

Defense of Dissertation

The doctoral candidate will be publicly defended at the university agreed upon by all parties.

The rules for these defenses, including committee selection, are defined by the joint supervision agreement and according to the terms of policies and rules of the university where the defense takes place, in effect at the time.

  • The committee should include at least two professors or researchers, nominated by the two universities concerned.


The PhD is awarded by both institutions in the doctorate program subject area upon successful public defense of the dissertation.

Each institution issues a separate diploma attesting the degree awarded, according to its own regulations. Eac.h institution should include mention of the other institution as the partner in the jointly supervised PhD