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Special system for the Thesis submission

Can I defend a Thesis even if I am not a PhD student in the University of Coimbra?

  • Yes, by means of the special system for Thesis submission established by the Portuguese legislation and whose procedure is specified in the UC regulations.

Step-by-step procedures

[1.] The requester solicits the Academic Management Services to create the collection in the Estudo Geral (Digital Repository for the Scientific Production of the University of Coimbra) so that he/she is able to accomplish the submission of the Thesis and Curriculum Vitae (CV) by means of the form , available at

  • Categories: Other Degree/Title Holder
  • Request type: Academic Act
  • Description/Subject: Doctoral Exam - special type

[2.] The Academic Management Services notify the requester regarding the access data to the platform Provas Académicas so that he/she submits the electronic Thesis and CV within 5 days after receiving these credentials.

Important Notice: The access to the collection in the platform "Provas Académicas" will be unavailable after the Academic Management Services register the decision in the request.

The Thesis has to include the abstract in Portuguese and English with a length between 2500 and 5000 characters, be elaborated in accordance with the rules of the Visual Identity of the University of Coimbra, available at:

The Curriculum vitae has to be retrieved from the:

[3.] After uploading the documents, the requester solicits admission to the PhD exam in person in one of the Academic Centres of the Academic Management Services, in Polo 1 or Polo 2; or by regular mail, attaching the following documents:

  (i) Request for admission to the PhD exam (form Im0891);
  (ii) Permission to display the works in the digital repository (form Im0892);
  (iii) Declaration of Authorship of the Thesis (form Im0253);
  (iv) Document attesting the academic qualifications required to apply (except in the case of UC Professors);
Declaration of Representation (form Im0237), if applicable;
Presentation of the valid Personal ID Document (ID Card or Citizen Card, in the case of a Portuguese citizen; passport or other document, in other cases).

Note 1: The forms necessary to formalize this request are available at "Forms" at the main webpage or directly at:

[4.] After a preliminary assessment of the request, the requester is notified of the fees’ values and the payment method by the Academic Management Services. 

The process is sent to the Organisational Unit only after the payment and the validation of the documents is completed.

If the student does not pay within the deadline that was notified to him/her, the request for admission to the PhD exam will be archived; and if he/she wants to proceed with the request, he/she has to make a new request.

  • In accordance with what is established in the Table of Fees and other Charges of the UC, the payment of the fee concerning the admission to this exam for non-UC students is 5.500€ [not exempt from checking the original table »]
[5.] The Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit decides about the admission of the requester to the PhD exam.
[6.] The Jury is appointed by the Rector, or by the person who is delegated by the Rector, and published on the UC webpage at
[7.] The Academic Management Services communicate to the Organisational Unit, the jury and the requester the jury’s appointment and inform the president of the jury that he/she has to schedule the meeting.

[8.] The Academic Management Services convene the jury to the meeting, give secretarial support, and elaborate the dispatch and the minutes.

  • If the jury’s dispatch requires a reformulation of the thesis, the Academic Management Services notify the requester that he/she has 120 working days from the date he/she receives the notification on, to deliver an electronic copy of his/her reformulated thesis or a declaration in which he/she intends to maintain the same thesis as it was delivered in the first place.

[9.] The Academic Management Services convene the participants, inform the press about the date of the PhD exam and prepare it.
[10.] The requester accomplishes the PhD exam.

After the successful defence of the Thesis, the new PhD holder has 15 working days to deliver exclusively at the Academic Centre of the Academic Management Services, in Polo 1, three (3) hard copies of his/her thesis for the purposes of legal deposit.

If the student delivers a corrected copy of the thesis after the public defence, he/she has to:

  1. Send, by means of the link, the electronic copy of the corrected version of thesis.
  2. After sending the electronic copy, deliver three (3) hard copies of the corrected thesis.