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Where can you find the rules for your Academic Pathway ?

The rules concerning the courses and cycles of studies are established in the UC Regulations, in accordance with the legislation. Information is aggregated on the webpage of the SGA.
Estudantes com traje académico
Estudantes com traje académico

The UC Students have a set of rights and duties defined in the University Regulations

To begin with, you may read the Disciplinary Regulation for the UC Students, which includes the Charter of Principles of the UC Students

If you are a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD Degree Student:

  •     Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC)

To International Students of these cycles of studies, the following Regulations are also applied:

  • Regulation on the Special Contest of Access and Admission of International Students to Bachelor's Degree and Integrated Master's Degree Courses in the UC
  • Regulation on the Merit Scholarships awarded to UC International Students

If you are a student of a Non- Degree Course:

  • Regulation on the Creation and Functioning of Non-Degree Courses in the UC

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