Teaching and Research Units

  • Faculty of Humanities  Its learning and research activities are focused on human sciences, with a vast array of courses that guarantee a solid education and the articulation with activities promoting the progress of science.
  • Faculty of Law  With a relevant intervention in the Portuguese legal and cultural life, the faculty of this school has an outstanding national and international reputation and has been strongly involved in the largest Portuguese legislative reforms of the past decades.
  • Faculty of Medicine This school leads a high number of research areas and provides a renowned quality education, of a very broad scope, in Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology With eleven Departments covering most of the areas of the Exact, Physical, Natural, Engineering and Life Sciences, plus Architecture and Anthropology, this school is strongly linked to the economic fabric and offers its students countless opportunities to participate in projects with companies.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy Its main mission is to create and disseminate knowledge, through graduated, post-graduated and life-long education and through research in health sciences.
  • Faculty of Economics  With a very young culture and the adequate size to provide quality services to its stakeholders, this school's faculty is highly qualified and devoted to research, as a means to progress in new value-added knowledge.
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences For over thirty years, this school is strong in research, innovation, entrepreneurship and services to the general community. It is very active in looking for and deepening its links to other national and foreign R&D organizations and units.
  • Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education This school is continuously fostering its links with the community at large and developing multiple partnerships with the sports associations and federations, municipalities and companies. This makes way for jointly-organized events, training and research, and eases the employability of its graduates.
  • Institute for Interdisciplinary Research. Education and Research Organic Unit that promotes advanced interdisciplinary research and training, aiming at guaranteeing the international notoriety and reputation of the research made at the University of Coimbra. It also promotes interdisciplinary doctorate courses.
  • College of Arts (in Portuguese). Education and Research Organic Unit focused on contemporary art, in its relation with architecture, cinema and performing arts. Education received at this unit takes many forms, as does training and research. It offers second- and third-cycle courses.
  • Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health Multidisciplinary Research Organic Unit that develops scientific research, provides specialized health services in the domain of the biomedical applications of radiations, promotes interdisciplinarity and fosters cooperation among the research, education and health-care organizations in the scientific areas within the scope of its activities.