The Center for Energy and Detonics (CED) is divided into three distinct sectors, respectively related to the study and development of explosives and shock transmission in condensates, the study of propellants and gas generators, and the study of preliminary or prototype applications of explosives. The areas of intervention of the CED are the following:
  • Shock wave characterization;
  • Shock characterization of materials and damage assessment;
  • Initiation of explosives, with and without energetic binders;
  • Shock sensitivity characterization and detocaracterization as a function of characteristic particle size;
  • IED and evaluation of demilitarization processes;
  • Dynamic consolidation with explosive of metallic and ceramic powders;
  • Metal explosion welding;
  • Numerical simulation of the detonation process;
  • Waste disposal of explosive products;
  • Qualification and certification of skills in the explosives sector.
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