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Aware that, both for safety reasons, namely those related to reducing the risk of fire, and for economic-environmental reasons, associated with the fact that forest products are increasingly more valuable and biomass can be used as a renewable energy vector, there will have to be a paradigm shift in the way forest management is carried out in Portugal and that, As a result, the amount of waste resulting from integrated forest management will tend to increase, the consortium will seek to take advantage of the opportunity that opens up with the increased availability of this waste to consider the production of a new energy vector, avoiding the classic solutions of energy recovery. In this phase, the main objective is to assess the technical feasibility and identify the technological challenges facing the production of this energy carrier from the aforementioned forest resource.

Project name | Transform Agenda - P2.4: Mechanization and automation of forest operations.
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Main goal | The TransForm Agenda is the unique national initiative of forest sector stakeholders to induce the transformation of value chains through R&D and innovation towards digital transition, economic resilience, and carbon neutrality.
Research area | Forest, Energy and Environment
Start date | 01/01/2022
End date | 31/12/2025
Eligible cost | 349.997,50 €
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