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Applications Calendar

Schedule concerning all the actions of application to the PhD Courses (3rd Cycle of Studies) including the dates for publication of the number of places and the dates for enrolment and registration.





Publication of number of places (minimum per phase) until 1st March until 1st June until 13th September until 27th October
Applications deadline From 1st to 31st March From 1st June to 14th July From 1st to 13th September From 16th to 27th October
Validation of Applications From 1st to 12th April From 17th to 21st July From 14th to 19th September From 30th October to 3rd November
Seriation of applications and award of credits From 13th to 20th April From 24th to 28th July From 19th to 22nd September From 6th to 9th November
Publication of the provisional sorted lists of applicants by the assessors * 21st April 31st July 25th September 10th November
Pre-hearing period From 24th April to 9th May From 1st to 14th August From 26th September to 10th October From 13th to 24th November
Publication of the final sorted lists of applicants by the Deans’ Offices of the Organisational Units ** 10th May 1st September 11th October 27th November
Enrolment/ Registration*** From 11th to 18th May From 2nd to 9th September From 12th to 19th October From 28th November to 5th December
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