Contacts and Assistance

Information on Assistance to Applicants

The UC makes available instructions and important notes that will enable to clarify any doubts that arise during the application's procedure.

  1. Start by consulting the Frequently Asked Questions »
  2. Then confirm how to make an Application Step-by-Step »
  3. Follow the instructions and read carefully the information that is provided regularly at InforEstudante (the Academic Management Online Platform of the UC at which applications are made, as well as the whole academic pathway procedures of the Student, including the issuance of the Diploma).
  4. Click "Help" at InforEstudante in order to access detailed instructions and a video on how to submit your application.

Contact the Academic Management Services (SGA)

If, after checking our information, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Management Services (SGA or UC Academic Services, as it is best known).

Our team is available to assist you on any questions regarding the application procedure by means of the undermentioned communication channels: