Isolated Curricular Units

The University of Coimbra provides in each academic year an attendance system concerning isolated curricular units that are part of the studies programmes of its cycles of studies in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle) as well as non-degree courses (Check articles no. 228 and 235 of the RAUC).

Application is available for any interested applicant over 16 years old.

Additional Training Curricular Units

The UC allows all cycles of studies' Students to register for curricular units to get additional training, including the PhD Degrees without course (article no. 12 of the Academic Regulation -RAUC-).

  • This registration, which is understood as an indirect application for the purpose of classes and places management, takes place at the time of the annual registration for the cycle of studies
  • The Organisational Units may not accept these applications, including applications for the curricular units that initially are not conditioned, if the classes become full due to the registrations of the regular Students.