National Students or Equivalent

National or Equivalent Status Students are the students who are in one of the following situations:

  • Students who have a European Union (EU) country nationality. Therefore they are Portuguese Students.
  • Relatives of Portuguese citizens or of nationals of a European Union country, regardless of their nationality.
  • Students who are not from a European Union country and not included in previous number 3, and who have been residing legally in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on 1st January from the year they intend to apply to a higher education institution, and their children living legally with them as well. The time of residence in Portugal with a Student Visa does not count towards this purpose.
  • Students who, on 1st January from the year they intend to apply to a higher education institution, are holders of the status of equal rights and duties awarded pursuant to an international treaty signed by the Portuguese Government and the State where they are from.
  • Foreign citizens who enter Portuguese Higher Education Institutions under the Special Access Systems within the scope of the National Contest of Access and Admission:
    1. Citizens from Portuguese-speaking African Countries;
    2. Nationals from East Timor and children of nationals of East Timor;
    3. Foreign staff members of a diplomatic mission accredited in Portugal and their relatives also living in Portugal, under a system of reciprocity.
  • International mobility students, under an interchange agreement with that aim.
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