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M8 Alliance approves proposal by the Coimbra Health Consortium for an Expert Meeting in Women’s health

7 november, 2019
11th World Health Summit
11th World Health Summit
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The Coimbra Health Consortium, member of the M8 Alliance, which includes the University of Coimbra (UC) and the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (CHUC), attended the 11th edition of the World Health Summit, one of the most renowned international discussion forums which addresses Global health topics.

During the Summit, "Coimbra Health" received the approval to organise an Expert Meeting in Women’s Health, with great support from their peers.

Women's Health is a cornerstone of "Coimbra Health"'s actions and a central theme in global policies as a means of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The University of Coimbra and the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre intend to organise the first edition of this strategic event on Women's Health in 2021 in the framework of "Coimbra Health".

Women in Global Health (WGH) is a movement for gender equity in health leadership, consisting of a growing global network of national chapters committed to supporting governments in implementing their commitments to universal health coverage. Also during the World Health Summit, and with the institutional sponsorship of the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, a networking session was held to present the WGH Portuguese Chapter and its co-founders, Marta Passadouro and Diana Breda. The event was attended by the Minister of Health of Uganda and the Minister of Health of Guinea-Bissau.