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“Vertere” premieres on the 20th of November at TAGV

16 november
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The public premiere of the film Vertere - the (de)constructing being [roughly translated into English from the original "o ser em (des)contrução”] will take place on the 20th of November at 9pm at Gil Vicente Academic Theatre (TAGV). Shot in Coimbra in 2023, the film is the result of a collaborative creation with the University of Coimbra (UC) community - students and researchers.

Produced by Ponto Criação (an artistic production and creation organisation) with the institutional support of the Research Laboratory and Artistic Practices, Vertere is an artistic response to one of the initiatives of the Equal STEAM project, promoted by the Rectory of the University of Coimbra to attract and retain girls and women in technological fields and to strengthen their role in the development of science and technology.

Vertere is an experimental film that moves between fiction and documentary, combining participants' reflections with interviews with UC researchers and students from different study cycles and fields, presenting multiple experiences and contexts of university life and analysing whether or not there are stereotypes in their realities and how to combat them. The involvement of the international community of the UC also allowed for the disclosure of different cultural perceptions of the relationship between students and the city.

The film followed a seven-month working process in which 66 people from 14 different nationalities were actively involved.

After its screening at TAGV, Ververe will begin its screening tour at thematic, university, national and international film festivals.

Abridged version in English by Diana Taborda