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The University of Coimbra hosts the 2019 Summer School in Computational Biology

30 august, 2019
Departamento de Física da UC
Departamento de Física da UC
© Paulo Amaral | DCOM

From the 2nd to 12th September the University of Coimbra (UC) hosts the 5th edition of the Summer School in Computational Biology.

The event, organized by the Computational Biology Network of the University of Coimbra, at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, will bring together participants from different countries (USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Serbia, Italy, Poland), chosen from over 100 candidates and speakers from international and national companies who are a reference in the field.

According to one of the organising members, Armindo Salvador, the course “aims to introduce students and researchers from other areas of Biology and Exact Sciences to Computational Biology”. It is “an area of increasing importance both in fundamental research and biotechnology and biomedicine, but difficult to access because it requires a good mathematical and computational background and a good knowledge of biological systems,” he explains. Rui Travasso, also from the organization, adds: “the Summer School also shows the quality of work and teaching in Computational Biology that the University of Coimbra can offer”.

The organization also points out two distinctive features that explain the international success of the Summer School: “the ability to bring together students and researchers from various backgrounds, with no previous experience in the field, who end up being able to carry out research projects in specific areas of Computational Biology, and getting a comprehensive view of Computational Biology.”

Cláudia Cavadas, UC Vice-Rector for Research and 3rd Cycle studies claims: “This international course promotes quality interdisciplinary research at the UC, enhances international partnerships, and may result in more researchers and students coming to the university, or that may lead to new collaborative projects”.

The Summer School in Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary initiative that brings together researchers from various scientific areas and from different UC Research Centres. As for instance the Physics Centre, the Chemistry Centre, the Computer and Systems Engineering Centre, the Mathematics Centre and the Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, supported by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of UC. It also includes a socializing moment at the Bissaya Barreto House of Arts.

The Summer School takes place at the UC Department of Physics and is divided into three parts: In the first part of the course participants coming from exact sciences have biology classes, and participants from health sciences have programming classes. In the second part of the course participants attend classes on various topics of computational biology. Finally, in the third part, participants are integrated into one of several university groups where they will develop a short research project.

Among the vast programme available, there are four key lectures conducted by Alfonso Valencia, (National Institute of Spanish Bioinformatics-INB-ISCIII); Helen Byrne, (Institute of Mathematics at the University of Oxford); Rui Dilão, (Instituto Superior Técnico); and Sérgio F. Rosa, of the Research Unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences (UCIBIO REQUIMTE). All four lectures are open to the public.

All info about 2019 Summer School in Computational Biology is available here.

News article: Milene Santos (DCOM)

Translation: Diana Taborda (DCOM)

Publication date: 30-08-2019