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UC research team takes part in international study about intentions, feelings and behaviours related to COVID-19

19 june
University of Coimbra
University of Coimbra
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A research team from the University of Coimbra (UC) is participating in an international project that aims to study intentions, feelings and behaviours related to COVID-19. The focus of this investigation lies on the evaluation of the policies and measures adopted in the face of the current world pandemic, trying to understand if the strategies to be developed may be common or if they depend on the cultural context.

«Taking into account populations from different countries spread across five continents is particularly relevant, due to cultural variations. Pandemics like COVID-19, as well as disasters due to climate change show that these phenomena do not choose one place. Only by carrying out studies on a global scale will it be possible to understand whether the measures to be implemented can be shared or whether there is a cultural and contextual dependence that must be taken into account », say the researchers participating in the project, Ana Ferreira, Daniela Sousa and Inês Almeida.

The project comprises three different studies and consists of an international partnership, involving more than 100 laboratories and departments at universities and institutes in several countries, with translation into about 50 different languages underway.

In Portugal, besides the University of Coimbra - CIBIT-ICNAS research centre and the Faculty of Medicine (FMUC), also the University of Porto and ISCTE-IUL (University Institute of Lisbon) take part in the study.

According to Ana Ferreira, Daniela Sousa and Inês Almeida, “This cooperation benefits from the use of collaborative tools that allow the sharing and use of information from open access repositories and platforms, reinforcing the importance of an open science paradigm”.

If you are willing to collaborate in this study please fill in an online and anonymous survey in English for people over 18 here.

Original news article in Portuguese: Cristina Pinto

English version: Diana Taborda