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Access Regulation to the Manuscript and Rare Documents Room

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

9:00 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

2:00 p.m. to 17.15 p.m.


Users admitted to the Reading Room of Special and Reserved Estate:

- Faculty, researchers, students and staff of the University.

- Any person identified in the SIIB/UC (Interlibrary System).

- Any person authorised by the Direction of the Library.

The access to the Manuscript and Rare Documents Room is made through the Catalogue Room by presentation of ID and/or necessary authorisation.


- Reading Room with capacity for eight seats, with a small free-access estate; Wi-Fi computers, card Catalogue of the Manuscripts (onomastic and ideographic) and Musical Manuscripts, Printed Catalogues of Special Estate, wireless access (for users with an email account in the CIUC), plugs for personal laptops.

- Bibliographic support.

- Reception and forwarding of document reproduction requests.


- Baroque Library Estate (Ancient Book).

- St. Peter College Library (16th to 19th centuries).

- Reserved (Incunabula, Ancient Book and Rare Book).

- José Falcão Estate (Library of the regular high school of King John III), (15th to 19th centuries).

- Private libraries: Library of Viscount da Trindade (Ancient Book and r

Rare Book); Library of Professor Oliveira Martins (Ancient Book Estate); Estate José Vicente Gomes de Moura (Abraveia – 16th to 19th centuries).

- Estate Octaviano de Sá (Folders).

- Collection of Miscellanea.

- Manuscripts.

- Musical Manuscripts and Prints.

- Iconography.

- Special Collections (Medals, Coins, Ex-libris, etc.).

Consultation of Documents

- The requisition of documents integrated in the referred estate and collections can be done, in the Catalogue Room, by filling a form for each requested title or by fax, mail or email*.

- The user may consult a maximum of three documents simultaneously, up to a maximum of 18 volumes per day of consultation.

- The requisition of books from the Baroque Library estate must enter the Reading Services until 5.15 p.m. of the day that precedes the consultation. The requisitions cannot exceed the total of 9 volumes per day of consultation. The requested books are available from 10 a.m. of the day following the requisition.

- The consultation of documents classified as Treasures (registered under “Safe”) requires authorization from the Library Direction.

- Only exceptionally can users access the original copy of the existent titles in digital format and microfilm.

- Microfilm consultation is made in the Multimedia Room.

- Some documents cannot be consulted due to their fragile nature, for conservation reasons or because they are in restoration, in exhibition or loaned to other institutions.

- No document can be taken outside the Reading Room.

- The use of pens, ballpoint pens and marker is not allowed. Only pencils can be used.

- The presence of cutting instruments is not allowed in the work area.

- The documents must be handled very carefully. To mark and follow the text, the user must use paper strips instead of pencils, rulers or the fingers.

- Users must never write by supporting the paper on the document.

- Bounded documents must to be forced open. To maintain the book opened, use the proper weights.

- Never overlap open books or leave the volumes open.

- It is forbidden to calk water marks or binding decorative elements.

- To handle some documents the use of gloves and mask is compulsory. This equipment is provided by the assistant clerk and is free. This equipment can also be provided by request.

- Any damage or irregularity observed in the consulted document that does not appear in the catalogue register must be announced to the assistant clerk in the Reading Room.

* The remote requisitions do not exempt the user from passing by the Catalogue Room.

See also “Reading Regulation”.